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Patiala is on popular form of bottom wear amongst women in North India and owes its origin to the city of Patiala in Punjab. Today it has entered the women fashion trends like a boss. It is also seen as a hallmark traditional Indian wear. There was Salwar Kameez and then there is Patiala. Many women wear Patiala in Ahmedabad and other cities of Gujarat too.

It is bottom wear which is loose fitted similar to pajama and has lots of pleats. It is these pleats that give it the amazing and different flared look. Imagine the amount of cloth that goes into stitching a salwar/pajama, twice the amount of clot goes into making a Patiala. The loosely hung cloth looks and even feels comfortable.

The Nawabs of Patiala must be thanked for introducing such a cool and chic fashion to us. In previous times, the cloth used was very rich in quality that gave it a royal look. It was a style adorned by men and now has been swiftly adopted by women too. Even today, when you talk about the fabric, you get loads of variety. The technique is in stitching it in that particular pleated manner and let the flares flow loose.

Various types of cloth like silk, georgette, teracotton, riyon are used to make a Patiala. Similarly, there are various patterns of print and colours used to make it more attractive and unique piece of clothing. Usually it is teamed up with a top and dupatta. The look is more enhanced when worn with short kurtas. Sometimes even stylish tank tops can go with it and give it a modern twist.
In Ahmedabad, too, you can witness numerous females carrying it with such elegance. It certainly adds the oomph of grace to your personality. From young girls to even our grandmothers, all love this style and has at least one in their wardrobe. Patiala can be termed as a staple ethnic wear. If you ask any Patiala Manufacturer in Ahmedabad like us, everyone will agree that it is a splendid and again timeless fashion.

If you haven’t yet tried this style then we insist you to do so. It goes well on any body type. Teaming it up with some traditional footwear will make you look absolute gorgeous beauty. Our designers before manufacturing again like to experiment and introduce new styles from straight cuts to Floor length and even semi-patiala style. Mostly made with floral print or other prints, they are one rich outfit that can be worn on regular basis and also on traditional functions. Visit our store in Ahmedabad to check out which style of Patiala is suiting you the best and get it at a very cost-effective rate. It’s time you add a chic one to your collection.